Frequently Asked Question

How old must my child be to attend the course?

Our classes are suitable for children aged 5 to 16 years old. For participants aged 17 and above, you may opt for a bespoke program.

What is the duration of the classes?

Each class is 1.5h, once a week. That being said, our students’ progress mean the world to us. So, if your child has an upcoming Oral exam, interview, or presentation, feel free to reach out to the teachers for extra time.

Where are the trainers from? Are they qualified?

Our trainers are MOE trained and certified. They are also required to have prior experience in interacting with children or experience in related fields. Furthermore, all our trainers will go through internal training, and will be well-equipped and prepared to provide our students with the best possible learning experience. 

What is the class size and student-to-teacher ratio?

We take a lot of pride in our small class sizes, so every student has an opportunity to speak up and participate in meaningful discussions. We have a maximum of 6 students per class to one teacher.

Will participants receive any certification at the end of the program?

Yes, participants will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation. This certificate is a great addition to your child’s portfolio, especially if they are applying for the Direct School Admission (DSA) interview. Students can also choose if they would like to partake in the Trinity College London’s assessment.

Do you offer classes other than Public Speaking?

Yes, we have other courses available. You may see them here.

Why should I choose School of Confidence?

We do not just focus on Public Speaking, but we weave in elements of Social Emotional Learning. You can read more about it In a nutshell, this means that our program will develop your child holistically, encourage them to speak authentically, and acquire a lot of future-ready skills like self-motivation, the ability to learn and adjust, working under pressure to meet deadlines, and teamwork and organisational skills, which are skills highly valued in our world today. 

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